OpenBSD RDomains

Intro Let’s assume you have a Mikrotik Router which got a Mgmt Interface with IP: ‘’ and DHCP Server enabled. You wann Access the Router via HTTP/HTTPS while offering Internet Services for the Mikrotik Router. You have an APU and OpenBSD running. What do you do ? Setup 2 NIC’s em0: dhcp client, default route, rdomain 0 em3: dhcp client, rdomain 3 Interfaces Interface em0 cat << 'EOF' > /etc/hostname.em0 # Public Internet inet autoconf inet6 autoconf EOF Interface em3

APU - Firmware Upgrade

intro as we all know, the apu’s from pcengines are eol. but it’s worth to bring the existing ones to the latest firmware. if you have openbsd running on your boxes, you can upgrade it with like this: add packages doas pkg_add -i flashrom pciutils set hostname based on apu version and mac of em0 type=$(dmesg |grep ^bios0: |tail -1 |sed 's/.*gines //') mac=$(ifconfig em0 |awk '/lladdr/ {print $2}' |awk -F':' '{printf "%s-%s-%s\n",$4, $5, $6}') echo "${type}-${mac}" |tee /etc/myname; hostname $(cat /etc/myname) sample