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Hugo Quick Start

Jedadiah Casey

Jerome Tissieres

cool Hugo Tutorial

Oreilly, Working with Static Sites

Hugo Directory Structure

Hugo Concepts

Hugo Themes

Markdown Editor Mac/Win

Nginx Config Engine

OpenBSD Autoinstall stuff

BSD & Coding Guy

AS IP Lookup API

Offline AS Lookup

PIP Intro & Quickstart

Cool Handbook for BSD Starters

Herbstforum Altbau 2018 - Einfach. Besser. Leben

Using Pandas to Read Large Excel Files in Python

SSH to remote hosts though a proxy or bastion with ProxyJump

Be your own VPN provider with OpenBSD

Building VPNs on OpenBSD

Instant terminal sharing through SSH

Self-hosted Speedtest for HTML5 and more

Unix History

DNSSEC Resolver Test

Schnauze Windows 10


VPN with OpenBSD

Bash Quick References

ssh - who are you … ?

Capture Credentials in Go - Flamingo

The Ultimative PCAP

Requirements for trusted certificates in iOS 13 and macOS 10.15

NAT GW with Debian

NGINX Tricks

Pionierprojekt in den Schweizer Alpen

Rutger Bregman tells Davos to talk about tax: ‘This is not rocket science’

Tucker Carlson Blows Up at Rutger Bregman in Unaired Fox News Interview | NowThis

Was bedeuten die Target-Salden?

Forti on Promox ?

Medien Navigator PDF

SSL & SSH Interception

Cool Python Library for humans instead machines

macOS über die macOS-Wiederherstellung neu installieren

SSH-MITM Kali/Ubuntu

SSH Agent Hijacking

cooles JQ Tutorial

how to install a honeypot in 30min

Open Source Identity and Access Management

How to Setup Hugo, Tips and Tricks

lightwight IDE von Remo

Encrypt Files using SSH Key

Encrypt Files using SSH RSA Key -> GIT REPO

bash script parse nginx log

Replicate SQLite DB

Using a Database to Store Data Captured with tcpdump

Network Traffic Visualization project

Sicherheit/Content Security Policy

openbsd rc.d system

good alternate for Teamviewer !

bgp-configuration-best-practices blackholing

Secure Webspaces with NGINX & Chroot

Sqlite3 sync over ssh …

Apache, PHP-FPM, chroot jails, MediaWiki, MySQL, and so on

Secure webspaces with NGINX, PHP-FPM chroots and Let’s Encrypt

Tutorialspoint - cool Tutorials for all Kind of Things

SQLite Performance Tuning In A Nutshell

Data Exfiltration with scapy

Creating ACK-GET packets with scapy

How to Build a TCP Connection in Scapy


Paket Manager for Windows

Host Based SSH Authentication

Making repositories available to both ssh and http mode clients

OpenBSD is back! Now with GnuPG

Scion Lab - BGP Free Internet :)

git-crypt and gpg2

A Secure Internet Architecture - PDF - 500 Pages - map

Setting up a mail server with OpenSMTPD, Dovecot and Rspamd

Configuring mail server on OpenBSD 6.5

dank-selfhosted OpenBSD & Ansible

A simple interface to GPIO devices with Raspberry Pi.

The world’s most integrated IOT platform with end-to-end solutions to fit any project.

apu4 series system board

PC Engines APU GPIO on FreeBSD

Generic Router Encapsulation (GRE) Tunnel

IP-IP Tunnel

How to reset cluster configuration in Proxmox 2

THE HACKERS CHOICE - Attacking the IPv6 Protocol Suite

IOT Guy with Swiss Accent


Swiss public transport API

Welcome to HB9FXQ’s sdr-setup-notes!

Welcome to Absolute Zero - MicroControllers


adafruit i2c devices

Adafruit’s Raspberry Pi Lesson 4. GPIO Setup

Mark Ofner Turbo Elektronik

Linux for ARM development boards

Automated Troubleshooting - Bachelorarbeit HSR 2018

How to add a new hard disk or partition using UUID and ext4 filesystem

saltpack - a modern crypto messaging format - End-to-end encryption for things that matter

The Security Blogger

Ansible Loops

OpenBSD DNS Server with unbound and nsd

python and sqlite

MQTT for system administrators

httpd, OpenBSD, flat-files, and awk

Ansible Cheat Sheet Certificate Search

certbot on openbsd

Share Z-wave dongle over IP (USB over IP using ser2net / socat ) guide

Bachman-lan - Promox Stuff

Home Automation und so

Introduction to GSM - GSM for Dummies

Check_MK: Agent Monitoring via SSH

Proxmox Remove Cluster Config

10 Dinge über Ansible


This is the official repository for the Cowrie SSH and Telnet Honeypot effort.

Homelab Panel: Allan Jude et al

git 101

cluster not ready - no quorum? (500)

Unattended Batch Jobs using SSH Agent

TPot HoneyPot

openbsd 2fa

ssh hardening

Ascii Network Doku :)

ascii doku with vim

OpenBSD Intro

Manage DNS records with asynchronous and simple APIs.

Ansible x OpenBSD Web Deployment

Offline Root Certificate Authority for SSL Certificates - OpenBSD

running F5 on Proxmox

F5 Default Passwords

F5 on Proxmox

F5 Ansible Provider (Lab)

gitolite, install and setup and migrate

how to build an openbsd kernel

Ansible & F5 Workshop

Reverse SSH Examples

How NAT traversal works

Checkmk Alarmierung via Threema

OpenBSD on Raspberry Pi 4

Blog - Zugschlussbeobachtungen

Unattended Batch Jobs using SSH Agent

ssh nachbrenner :)

sieht, was andere übersehen.

friedlich in die katastrophe

nginx mirroring tips and tricks

bsd brutefore

http stresstest in go

Tmux Cheat Sheet

Free EBook C Language

BSD, C, httpd, SQLite.

Prune a file set according to a given age distribution

Netdata Monitoring Solutions

fastnetmon community edition

nft intro from ungleich

SSH configuration: ssh_config - all you need to know about ssh

Dr. Daniele Ganser über Corona und die Medien

http stresstest

moz://a SSL Configuration Generator

QUOBYTE FREE EDITION - Data Center File System

Im Gespräch: Dr. Daniele Ganser („Imperium USA: Die skrupellose Weltmacht“)

KenFM im Gespräch mit: Gerald Hüther („Mit Freude lernen“)

Docker and Kubernetes Tutorial | Full Course [2020]

Log Managementbased on ELK Infrastructure Monitoringbased on open source grafana Cloud SIEM

grok filter scip

FortiUnicorn (fortinet-2-elasticsearch)

Jitsi OpenSource Online Meeting

host your own jitsi instance

Dr. Daniele Ganser: Corona und die Medien (Düsseldorf 11. September 2020)

A blog about VoIP, WebRTC and real-time communications security by Enable Security

Free Online Voting Tool

Kennst Du schon das Internet?

Install Proxmox virtual machines with Terraform

Provision Proxmox VMs with Terraform, quick and easy

Provision Proxmox VMs with Ansible, quick and easy

Provision Proxmox VMs with Terraform, quick and easy

BookStack is a simple, self-hosted, easy-to-use platform for organising and storing information.

BLOG. IT-Sicherheit | Datenschutz | Hacking


Keychain for Linux (ssh-agent und so …)

OpenBSD Router Guide - Network segmenting firewall, DHCP, DNS with Unbound, domain blocking and much more

learning linux

4 Ways to Reverse Proxy with Nginx

Self-hosted Load Balancer for bare metal Kubernetes

Download EJBCA® – the Open Source CA

Apache Guacamole is a clientless remote desktop gateway

Istio Connect, secure, control, and observe services.

Einen Reverse Proxy Server aufsetzen

How to use Charles Proxy to rewrite HTTPS traffic for web applications

CCC Wie erzeugt man ein Blackout

IPv6 Is a Total Nightmare — This is Why

Welcome to tinc! MeshVPN

Top 16 AD Vulnerabilites

Packet Radio Schweiz

Amateurfunk im Tesla :)

Nebelkarte / Nebelsimuation Schweiz

Decrypting OpenSSH sessions for fun and profit

Zeek is a passive, open-source network traffic analyzer.

Public API’s ? You can choise …

Auf ein Bier mit… Daniel Gutenberg

Der kleine Fiber Guide - Matthias Cramer

Some Differences between macOS and Common Unix Systems

Web-based SSH in your browser

OpenBSD as an IPv6 router

Smokeping with Nginx …

running OpenBSD on Hetzner

ufw - UncomplicatedFirewall

going paperless / django app indexing pdf

SSHScan is a testing tool that enumerates SSH Ciphers

SSHscan is a simple utility for inspecting or auditing an SSH server for various settings such as supported encryption and key exchange algorithms.

Netzfrequenz Vorfälle

ssh - Authenticating by Trusted Host

An ACME Shell script:

Let’s Encrypt via für Apache und Nginx

let’s encrypt wildcard certificates & ephemeral nsd

IPv6 home LAN with OpenBSD part 2: connecting to the IPv6 Internet

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin - Viel Unix Doku

MarkDown CheatSheet

Mnm – an open source project to replace email and SMTP

Decrypting OpenSSH sessions for fun and profit

How to block/allow IP-addresses in Nginx


GPG/PGP Decoder

Automating Cisco commands with C.R.A.SSH

ciscocmd is a Tcl/Expect script.

Faces of OpenSource

BSD Synergy Episode 1: Who, What, When, Where, Why BSD?

j2cli - Jinja2 Command-Line Tool

Cisco PSIRT tool in bash

pfSense REST API Documentation

SSH Public Key Authentication on Cisco IOS

Ansible for Networking - Part 3: Cisco IOS

Elektronik Labor Ein kleiner Einblick in meine Wertkstatt.

New LibSSH Connection Plugin for Ansible Network Replaces Paramiko

Nginx Location Module

The UNIX system family tree: Research and BSD

TUTORIAL: Install #OpenBSD on a PINE64 ROCK64 media board.

Plakete und so :)

Unleashed: Setting Up 802.1x EAP with Dynamic VLAN with Windows NPS Server

OpenBSD Jumpstart for Beginners

Why OpenBSD Rocks

howto/OpenBGPD, dn42, Looking glass

OpenBSD CARP Notes

Bscp – Secure and efficient copying of block devices

OpenBGPD gotta go fast / Claudio Jecker

rpki console Job Sniders

FS Store 48G Switch mit POE, 4 x 10G Uplink

KDE on MacOS

Raspberry Pi Pico für 5 CHF :)

fast tls scanner by joswr1ght

croc is a tool that allows any two computers to simply and securely transfer files and folders

OpenBSD / OpenBGPD as Route Server

Qrator.Radar analyzes BGP paths data collected from more than 800 sessions, serving analytics and real-time incident monitoring for Internet Service Providers globally.

KernelCafe, nteractive access to connect to hosts running exotic software/hardware combinations

OpenBGPD turns 10 years - Henning Brauer

Ansible Playbooks for automating your 802.1x projects

Ansible: Template Engine nutzen um Cisco Konfigurationen zu erzeugen

Ansible with Cisco

LVM vergrößern unter LInux

Large FTP Archive (up to 25 years …)


WPA2 Enterprise OpenBSD (Portugese)

What security does a default OpenBSD installation offer?

100G IDS

Build a FreeBSD Update Server

Senior Admin Blog


Raid 60 und so

IDN - Internationalized Domain Names


ohmyksh is a framework for expanding OpenBSD’s ksh. It offers:

Jool is an Open Source SIIT and NAT64 for Linux.

Some Unofficial WireGuard Documentation

Multicast Security IPSEC

Egg Timer :)

HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD

Multicast with FreeBSD

Deploying Anycast DNS Using OpenBSD and BGP

OpenBSD on Hetzner Cloud

Bash scripting cheatsheet

Is there a Google Authenticator desktop client?

Hetzner Cloud CLI

How to upgrade Debian 9 to Debian 10 Buster using the CLI

Unix Introduction — Bash Startup Files Loading Order

Distributed and scaleable Jitsi Meet

From zero to Kubernetes in Hetzner Cloud with Terraform, Ansible and Rancher

Server auf Hetzner mit Terraform und Ansible provisionieren

Big list of http static server one-liners

An Introduction to Terraform

QEMU Guest Agent version for FreeBSD guest

FreeBSD - LibXo - A Library for Generating Text, XML, JSON, and HTML Output

Splitting the ping

Comparison of NTP implementations

THC’s favourite Tips, Tricks & Hacks (Cheat Sheet)

netmap-unipi / netmap-tutorial

AWS Basics for Beginners - Full Course

h4x0r-dz / RCE-Exploit-in-BIG-IP

(Completely) randomize IP addresses in PCAP file

Populating OpenSSH chroot on OpenBSD

Top 25 Nginx Web Server Best Security Practices

A utility for creating a Bash CLI application.

Wireshark Tutorial: Decrypting RDP Traffic

Flugbewegungen über der Schweiz und Süddeutschland

a complete computer science study plan to become a software engineer

Mini-PC ASRock 4X4 BOX-4000

Intel® NUC-Kits

https://5 Useful jq Commands to Parse JSON on the CLI

Manage SSH sessions simultaneously on multiple systems.

Regex Tester


tiny key/value dabatase in bash

IoT-Toy-Trafficlight ( Spielzeugampel )

Automate your NOC World Map at scale

R is a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.

Yan Holtz - I’m a data analysis and data visualisation specialist currently

A How-To Guide to BGP Multihoming

Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way


Resizing pane is not working for tmux on mac

How can I run ssh-add automatically, without a password prompt?

Privacy protection. Anonymity online. Anonymous Operating System.

WireGuard IPv6 VPN with

The modern, interoperable DC Part 1: Solving “last mile” problems with BGP

A collection of .gitignore templates

Playing battleships over BGP

Glorytun is a small, simple and secure multipath UDP tunnel.

DSVPN is a Dead Simple VPN,

letsencrypt/acme client implemented as a shell-script – just add water

The quick and simple editor for cron schedule expressions by Cronitor

a commenting server similar to Disqus


Add comments to your blog with Isso

Captchas erstellen in PHP erstellen

Internet Hall of Fame - Celebrating people who bring the Internet to life

wildcard DNS for everyone -

DEF CON 23 - Dan Kaminsky - I Want These * Bugs off My * Internet

Ansible - Accessing information about other hosts with magic variables

Implementierung von IEEE 802.1X Authentifizierung in der Abteilung Informatik

sys4 - Upgrade IOS with ansible

How to install OpenBSD on a Raspberry Pi 4

Install MISP on OpenBSD

Using goaccess for real time log visualization

InterPlanetary File System (IPFS)

Drupal site, running on a Kubernetes cluster of Raspberry Pi computers

How To Run A Server At Home Without An IPv4 Address

stripe - Mit uns zahlt das Internet

Flowchart Maker and Online Diagram Software

An Interview With Linus Torvalds: Linux and Git

Dokuwiki on OpenBSD

OpenBSD: getting started - Written by Solène

Steve’s Shell Coding Tips

Hosting SQLite databases on Github Pages

Mastering Chaos - A Netflix Guide to Microservices

Two methods to use the ping command to quickly scan a network

grex - automatically generating a single regular expression from user-provided test cases

global playground dfn42

Dead Man’s Switch - what should happen if you’re gone one day … ?

Creating a Wireguard VPN on OpenBSD

Major DNSSEC Outages and Validation Failures

A secure network that just works

Tailscale on OpenBSD


besorgte-eltern - BITTE SCHAU GENAU HIN

Setting up OpenVPN on OpenBSD with Client Certs

BSD, C, httpd, SQLite.

Mailu is a simple yet full-featured mail server as a set of Docker images.

Full Disk Encryption with OpenBSD and a Serial Console

Installing OpenBSD 6.8 with disk encryption (+ FVWM ricing) - backups with Plakar

Using UTF-8 (Unicode) on FreeBSD

odroid Cluster :)

mimar - How to Increase OpenBSD’s Resilience to Power Outages

OpenBSD on a Laptop

Bootstrap OpenBSD, Example Script

On building an Ansible training environment on FreeBSD

OpenBSD DNS Server with unbound and nsd

How to test and validate DNSSEC using dig command line

OpenBSD - Configure dnssec in nsd

remote-unlock allows one to unlock a CRYPTO discipline remotely via OpenSSH.

RIPE 82 - Geoff Huston - DNS Evolution

RIPE 82 - Christian Adell Querol - How to Handle your Circuits Proactively

RIPE 82 - Nico Schottelius - Entering the Post-IPv4 Era

Geoff Huston - The ISP Column

dog, the command-line DNS client - purrito: ultra fast, minimalistic, encrypted command line paste-bin

Skunk - Gigabit Ethernet Tap & Switch

The state of toolchains in OpenBSD

OpenBSD on EdgeRouter Lite (Ubiquiti)

Perl: warning: Setting locale failed in Debian and Ubuntu

Setting up a WireGuard client with routing domains on OpenBSD

metal stack - Base your infrastructure on modern, open source software with metal-stack.

Poseidon - Minimal and free Kubernetes distribution and related free software

packetlife - Source-based RTBH

Country IP Blocks Database (60$ / Mt)

FastNetMon Open source DDoS mitigation toolkit

Algo VPN is a set of Ansible scripts that simplify the setup of a personal WireGuard and IPsec VPN

ShellCheck - A shell script static analysis tool

OpenBSD on AWS

WRP - Web Rendering Proxy

Supermicro Twin Servers

Serious Shell Programming

Troubleshoot and Enable Debugs on ISE

How to execute CGI scripts using fcgiwrap

FreeBSD 12 & Nginx & Kirby CMS

Working with Linux VRFs

The best way to store your dotfiles: A bare Git repository

Rolling Back OpenBSD PF Changes

NeXT Steve Jobs 1991 - Product Video Featuring NeXTdimension

Solidrun - Embedded Edge Computing

ClearFog Base - Installanleitung

BGP Open-Source Tools - Quagga vs. BIRD vs. ExaBGP


CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape

BusyBox: The Swiss Army Knife of Embedded Linux


AWS, JQ and bash command cheat sheet

aws cli filter


Faster failover and better load balancing with BGP & ECMP

Cisco ISE login Page IP Access restriction - Network Miner and other Pcap Stuff

BFD implementation and support in OpenBSD

nfsen/nfdump on openbsd

Handy one-liners for SED

Cisco Remote Automation via SSH

Python Automation on Cisco Router and Switches using SSH

Python: Getting JSON data from remote NX-OS device

Network Lessons - Python SSH

Compare Paramiko, Netmiko and NAPALM network automation


10 best Ansible modules for infrastructure as code

Inkplate 10 - A low-power, easy-to-program, open-hardware e-paper display with Wi-Fi support and a 9.7" screen

Keychain helps you to manage SSH and GPG keys in a convenient and secure manner

Asterisk Book v3.0

OpenBSD: Asterisk Secure Internet Telephony

Asterisk & IAX

How to configure a SIP endpoint for intra-office calling

Connect an Asterisk system to the public switched telephone network

6 OpenSSL command options that every sysadmin should know

How to configure an Asterisk dialplan for intra-office calling

An introduction to VoIP for sysadmins

An introduction to Asterisk

pjsip Begriffsdefinitionen, grundsätzliches Funktionsprinzip

Debugging SIP message traffic with PJSIP History

Konfiguration: Asterisk PBX & SIPTrunk

netcopa (Network Configuration Parser)

TTP template for parsing “show run” for cisco IOS

Yesterday’s modems are today’s transponders.

The ForwardingPlane

Containerlab focuses on the containerized Network Operating Systems

Voice-over-IP mit Asterisk und Telekom

Home network 10 Gbit/s upgrade

A quick introduction to netsim-tools

Self-configuring BGP monitoring tool, which allows you to monitor in real-time if:

OpenSSH server and client / mozilla

Read the Docs: Documentation Simplified

Deco X60 AX3000 Mesh-WLAN-Netzwerk

Entgoogle das Internet bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, mehrere Schritten zu begleiten.

IPng Networks / pimvanpelt

30 Handy Bash Shell Aliases For Linux / Unix / MacOS

How to Resize an OpenBSD Root Partition

OpenBSD, how to virtualize host and guests on same network.

GoatCounter server setup on OpenBSD

Sympa is an open source mailing list manager

sympa, opensmtpd setup documentation

OpenBSD Mail Processing - fetch, filter and deliver mail

OpenBSD Example - Fetch your inboxes with fdm

Mary Poppendieck - Reliability Engineering: One of the Best Jobs in Software Engineering

Password Manager in Go !

A framework for OpenBSD’s ksh

Comparing Open Source BGP Stacks

An open-source hardware build-it-yourself device to remote-control up to 48 devices via their RS-232 serial port.

Roll Your Own Network

PowerDNS Python CLI

PowerDNS Authoritative Server with DNSSEC

Grundlagen Kryptographie

OpenBSD Router Guide

Introducing BlueOnyx / Nachfolger Cobalt RaQ4 Server

NSA / Kubernetes Hardening Guidance


Release Go projects as fast and easily as possible!

OpenBSD is back! Now with GnuPG

MISP - Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform

Working within OpenBSD’s chroot(8) jail for httpd

Chw00t: How to break out from various chroot solutions

marc - isolating untrusted programs in ssh chroot jails

Send email with chrooted PHP in OpenBSD

iana - Root Zone Database

xkcd - Earth Temperature Timeline

How to upgrade Debian 10 to Debian 11 Bullseye using the CLI

The only cheat sheet you need !


Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt :)

sshchat on openbsd - Welcome! Browse away to your amusement, and feel free to add some quotes yourself. - Modern Internet Standards provide for more reliability and further growth of the Internet. Are you using them?

OpenBSD - Configure dnssec in nsd

Getting Started with Netmaker: A WireGuard® Virtual Networking Platform


How to Build a Simple REST API in PHP

Create and Consume Simple REST API in PHP

Caddy is an extensible server platform that uses TLS by default. written in go

20 Jahre Camp die Evolution des Chaos Communication Camps

An Introduction to JQ

Mail Tester (Prüfen Sie Ihre E-Mail auf Spam-Verdacht)

Running My Own Email Server

How to set up tmux so that it starts up with specified windows opened

Git Branches: List, Create, Switch to, Merge, Push, & Delete

Htmlq: like jq, but for html

General Notes - Linux Commands

Authelia 2FA/SSO for Nginx technotes - Nix, Scripts, and Documentation

Force Push in Git - Everything You Need to Know

Cgit, Nginx & Gitolite: A Personal Git Server

Bund Dev Open API’s

terraform - Building a high available Anycast service using AWS Global Accelerator

testssl - check certs offline / internally

what can possilby go wrong with ssl ?

Gitlab Server / Doku


Setting up SSH forwarding

SSH and locked users / usePAM

ssh-hardening (Chef cookbook)

checkmk auf der cli

How to Set Up a Firewall with UFW on Debian 10

Install and Configure Fail2ban on Debian 10

Swaks - Swiss Army Knife for SMTP

NeverSSL - helping to get you online

Frederic Cambus - Why OpenBSD?

The TCP/IP Guide

ifscand - Automatic WiFi configuration for OpenBSD

MASSCAN: Mass IP port scanner

nfse/nfdump auf github

github - Awesome OpenBSD

NGINXConfig - The easiest way to configure a performant, secure, and stable NGINX server.

Networking notes - blog

NTTs IP Out-Of-Band (OOB) management network

Different Shells in Linux

Automated Discovery and Monitoring of Your Entire Network Perimeter

Zonemaster DomainCheck

w00t - Authoritative nsd servers

Quad9 - An open DNS recursive service for free security and high privacy

Mac-Kurzbefehle: Die wichtigsten Shortcuts für macOS

greynoise - GreyNoise tells security analysts what not to worry about.

Setting up Ghost Professional Publishing Platform on OpenBSD 6

ghostbin git repo


SyslogAgent for Windows

Hosting Tor Hidden Services with Vanity .onion Addresses

Restic API Server

DreamFactory API Product Matrix SQL API Experts

Ansible can talk to your favorite API

Simple online NoSQL database backend with automatic APIs

RESTful APIs in 100 Seconds // Build an API from Scratch with Node.js Express

Insomnia Rest API Client MacOS

Build Node.js RESTful APIs in 10 Minutes

Running MongoDB on OpenBSD - Nix, Scripts, and Documentation

An OpenBSD E-Mail Server Using OpenSMTPD, Dovecot, Rspamd, and RainLoop

Virtual users and OpenSMTPD/Dovecot

Cisco - Genie Documentation

Offensive Security Guide to SSH Tunnels and Proxies

ProxyChains Tutorial - network diagrams online

OpenBSD - Never Lose a Syslog Message

How BSD Authentication Works

Nornir is an automation framework written in python

Use Wordlister to Create Custom Password Combinations for Cracking

OpenBSD - How it all started





ERF Bibelsender

Use SSLsplit to transparently sniff TLS/SSL connections – including non-HTTP(S) protocols

PcapPlusPlus is a multiplatform C++ library for capturing, parsing and crafting of network packets. It is designed to be efficient, powerful and easy to use.

HTTPie is making APIs simple and intuitive for those building the tools of our time

Dog on Ubuntu

11 besten Börsen-APIs zum Erstellen von Finanzprodukten - Uptime Onliner

Spicy — Generating Robust Parsers for Protocols & File Formats

An Open Source Network Security Monitoring Tool

Difference between /dev/console, /dev/tty, and /dev/tty0

Dangit, Git!?!

OpenBSD on Digital Ocean

MacBook Pro 16 heat issues with external monitor?

Cisco pyATS: Network Test & Automation Solution

Network Automation 101 - Tooling Landscape

The Original Bastard Menu From Hell

IPv6 on OpenBSD dhcpcd

IPv6 home LAN with OpenBSD part 2: connecting to the IPv6 Internet

FastAPI framework, high performance, easy to learn, fast to code, ready for production

Internet und WAN Sichtbarkeit in jedes Netzwerk, das Sie verwenden

The modern OpenBSD home router

SSH agent restriction with OpenBSD 8.9

Comprehensive Python Cheatsheet

rC3 NOWHERE 2021

Dual Stack IPv6 in Homenetwork - fiber7

Should I block ICMP?



zerforschung - Deine Software, die Sicherheitslücken und ich

CCC Hackerethik

CCC - Du kannst alles hacken – du darfst dich nur nicht erwischen lassen.

sopenbsdsecure ?

is openbsd secure ?

get you own AS, IPv6 and/or IPv4 Space Today

What is the difference between the APU1, the APU2 and the APU3?

Simple password manager using gpg and ordinary unix directories.

Ripe Abuse Contact Finder API WorldWide

webssh - A simple web application to be used as an ssh client to connect to your ssh servers

CiscoZine - How to decapsule ERSPAN tunnel

Python projects with Poetry and VSCode.

Packet Scheduling with Dummnynet and FreeBSD

pyca/cryptography Python Crypto Library

Jupyter Notebooks in VS Code is a free command line tool …

URL Expander (vs Shortener …)

AGE - A simple, modern and secure encryption tool

mkcert is a simple tool for making locally-trusted development certificates

Code Quality and Code Security

Network Automation Text Parsing Landscape

python - Welcome to Faker’s documentation!

How to Validate Whether an IPv6 IP Address is Valid or Not in Python

RFC 1925 - The Twelve Networking Truths

RFC 2322 - Management of IP numbers by peg-dhcp

A high-performance DNS stub resolver

StudyFlix - Elektrotechnik Grundlagen

Validate an IP Address Using Python

python - iptools - IP Address Utilities

Jupyter Notebooks for Development

CSV in Python importieren mit Pandas

Pandas DataFrames - Writing To And Reading From MySQL Table

How to Connect to MySQL through SSH Tunnel

Network Automation 101


Loguru is a library which aims to bring enjoyable logging in Python.

Cisco Realistic Traffic Generator TREX

IP Subnet Filtering With Python

How to install and configure nginx-naxsi

Wireguard Configgenerator Python

Gin is a web framework written in Go

nasm on OpenBSD

Sichere 802.1x WLAN-Benutzer Authentisierung über Radius

DevSec SSH Baseline

tshark tcp examples

Internet Firewall Analysis in Python

Learning a Little About Search Algorithms With Python

Batfish - An open source network configuration analysis tool

mcoding - python tips and tricks


Atomic lock-free counters in Python

Uvicorn The lightning-fast ASGI server


Nico Semsrott: Freude ist nur ein Mangel an Information

pythoncheatsheet - GREAT !

SMTP Server Ports

Python - Handling Concurrency in Web Application

Living Off The Land Binaries, Scripts and Libraries

OpenBSD: Recover deleted files and a rm script

NGINX Unit is a polyglot app server, a reverse proxy, and a static file server, available for Unix-like systems

Running FastAPI applications in production

BlackSheep is an asynchronous web framework to build event based web applications with Python.

python-pptx is a Python library for creating and updating PowerPoint (.pptx) files.

Borg Restore Files

How to Enhance Nmap with Python

Jay walks us through setting up Distributed Ports Builder, (dpb), on OpenBSD

Python Test Monkeypatch

Ventoy is an open source tool to create bootable USB drive for ISO/WIM/IMG/VHD(x)/EFI files.

WSL Basic Commands

AdGuard Home overview - like pihole

Python Mock Basics

Ansible Wireguard

API Chucknorris jokes

Using Ansible with REST APIs

git tutorial

ansible, top 50 interview questions (cool stuff …)

learning Javascript with BitBurner

Data Science at the Command Line

Tutorial: Web Scraping with Python Using Beautiful Soup

Drastically Improve Your Python: Understanding Python’s Execution Model

Upgrade Your Python Project With Poetry

Random Number API

Comparing Open Source BGP Stacks

ArjanCodes - Software Design in Python

KVM: Deploy the VMware vCenter 7.0 appliance using the CLI installe

How to Write Beautiful Python Code With PEP 8

BookStack - Simple & Free Wiki Software

Welcome to aiohttp-demos

A Simple Guide to Metrics for Calculating String Similarity

TextDistance – python library for comparing distance between two or more sequences by many algorithms.

strsimpy - A library implementing different string similarity and distance measures

Numeric hash function based

json convert - jc JSONifies the output of many CLI tools and file-types for easier parsing in scripts

brazil blog - A New Way to Parse Plain Text Tables

icmplib is a brand new and modern implementation of the ICMP protocol in Python

Python Virtual Environments tutorial using Virtualenv and Poetr

What Is the Python Global Interpreter Lock (GIL)?

This is a simple place where you can download crackmes to improve your reverse engineering skills

jqplay . org

Using FastAPI to Build Python Web APIs

Dataclass CSV makes working with CSV files easier and much better than working with Dicts

Python - Data Classes

Tornado is a Python web framework and asynchronous networking library, originally developed at FriendFeed.

Carbon lets you create and share beautiful images of your source code

ith the growing number of containerized Network Operating Systems grows the demand to easily run them in the user-defined, versatile lab topologies.

Internet Protocol Journal

gron - advanced usage

Python Bitwise Operators

Free v4 frontend for your v6 site

How I’m Using SNI Proxying and IPv6 to Share Port 443 Between Webapps :: IPv6 BGP Enabled Tunnelbroker Service

OpenBSD Login Classes ulimit

Memray is a memory profiler for Python

Zig is a general-purpose programming language and toolchain for maintaining robust, optimal, and reusable software.

Python Script to Cross Platform Binary - PyInstaller

The Morpheus Tutorials - Programmieren, Informatik und Hacken lernen

The Ultimate FastAPI Tutorial

Build and Secure a FastAPI Server with Auth0

Securing FastAPI with JWT Token-based Authentication

Authentication / Integrating FastAPI with JWT Tokens.

Connecting to Multiple Devices with Netmiko Using Python Threads and Queues

Developing Software in a Hostile Environment

C Language - Awesome Tutorial

Cool Stuff - How To Code in Go

OpenBSD disk encryption

Online Video Courses at Talk Python Training

Filter JSON and JSON Lines data with Python syntax

Json and Jq

The Morpheus Tutorials - Programmieren, Informatik und Hacken lernen

Adapter für den Thunderbolt 4-, Thunderbolt 3- oder USB-C-Anschluss am Mac

Python Formatting Comparison

pyscript - Run Python in Your HTML

Gatus - Monitoring from Docker/Kubernetes

Python - MyStockApp, PYTHON PACKAGE entwickeln - Bau dein eigenes Python Paket mit Typer & Poetry

sqlite-web is a web-based SQLite database browser written in Python.

Create a RESTful API backend with Python Flask and SQLite

Favicon Generator Hoststar

The Flask Mega-Tutorial

JSON Web Tokens with Public Key Signatures

Measuring Home Internet Latency and Performance using mtr, Cribl LogStream, InfluxDB and Grafana

A curated list of awesome honeypots

yaml validator world’s simplest yaml tool online

Interacting with IOS XE and IOS XR using Netmiko

Jumping SSH Hosts

Auth0 - Secure access for everyone (free)


golang Implements layer 2, IPv4, IPv6, UDP, TCP and application level packet processing.

GPN19 - Introduction to OpenBSD

List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages

Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools.

Hacking Conference Archive

Full Stack Python - API Creation

GNUTiez - Headline Diff

gohugo - sitemap.xml

List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages

Awesome cheatsheets for popular programming languages, frameworks and development tools.

Hacking Conference Archive

BGP View via API

Subnet Calculating …

BGP Filter Guides

Network Management with the OpenBSD Packet Filter Toolset

pytricia - Implementing Offline traceroute Tool Using Python

What Exactly Is Wireframing? A Comprehensive Guide

json2pretty - online

json sorter - online

Package, dependency and environment management for any language—Python, R, Ruby, Lua, Scala, Java, JavaScript, C/ C++, FORTRAN

TypeScript is JavaScript with syntax for types

Python and Redis

Ubuntu 22 & PHP 7.4

tldp - Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide

What FreeBSD can offer compared to other operating systems

ccc - OSINT: Ich weiß wo dein Haus wohnt (jomo)

Justine Tunney’s Web Page - Crosscompile Binaries never seen before !

Area41 2022 - Videos - OpenBSD : why and how


The C Beginner’s Handbook (2020)


PHP - The Right Way

How to Build a Message Queue using Python? | Made Easy

An Introduction to Message Queues With RabbitMQ and Python

readly - Lies alles. In einer App.

Python Microservices With gRPC

Dynamic Multipoint VPN (DMVPN) with Alpine Linux

Basics for Binary Exploitation

A cli tool to proxy and analyze TCP connections.

python redis

Dasel (short for data-selector) / JSON, YAML, TOML, XML and CSV

Unifi MacOS Java Error

map - Map lines from stdin to commands.

q - A tiny and feature-rich command line DNS client with support for UDP, TCP, DoT, DoH, DoQ, and ODoH.

Pandoc - a universal document converter

The Fuck is a magnificent app that corrects errors in previous console commands

ObjGen - Live JSON Generator

DNS SEC Debugger

ssh usepam


Fragen über die Endzeit

Das Zeichen der Bestie

bsddog - Korn Shell (ksh) Tips and Tricks

How to Set Up Unbound DNS Resolver on Ubuntu 20.04

WireGuard VPN Server on a Cloud VPS on OpenBSD 6.6 with Full Disk Encryption

Sichere SSH Konfiguration


Walk in God’s Protection

How to Set Up Unbound DNS Resolver on Ubuntu 20.04

OpenBSD - Fulldisk Encryption - recover password

WireGuard VPN Server on a Cloud VPS on OpenBSD 6.6 with Full Disk Encryption

qbit - remote-unlock encrypted device (not FDE…)

Mary Poppendieck - Reliability Engineering – The Essential Discipline for Complex Systems

plakar - opensource utility to create versionned backups with compression, encryption and data deduplication

Ron Broersma Perspectives on History of Networks and Computing keynote EuroBSDCon 2018

youtube - Unix: History and Memoir

Reliability Engineering: The Essential Discipline for Complex Systems - Mary Poppendieck - MiXiT 2019

python3 - psutil

Reshaping JSON with jq


WatchMe Python Client

Junos OS - Automation Scripting User Guide

INTODNS - nice and verbose dns checker !

Matt Keeter - From Oscilloscope to Wireshark: A UDP Story

twtxt is a decentralised, minimalist microblogging service for hackers.

Fluentd is an open source data collector for unified logging layer.

Nginx - Everything you want to know about the Nginx logs in 10 minutes

Serious Shell Programming

GNU/Linux Crypto: Passwords

Migrate to ECC Encryption Keys

GPG — One line modern encryption key generation (ed25519/cv25519)

Using pass in a team

Multi-user password-store

Multiple shared password stores with Git and pass

Setup pass on multiple devices

nsapass is the simplest, most usable and most secure CLI passwords manager

gopass - cheatsheet

gopass - präsentation

Defense in Depth: Keep your ssh keys safe with Gopass

apple - zsh als Standard-Shell auf dem Mac verwenden

Conti cyber attack on the HSE

apple - Genehmigen, was Kinder mit einer Kaufanfrage kaufen

gitignore repo on github

TOTP Authentication Test …

pf-badhost 0.5 OpenBSD Installation

About bash_profile and bashrc on macOS

macOS Terminal and shell

Tab completion in OpenBSD’s ksh

fastapi-html form

Funny Spanish man talking meme - IT project deployment subtitles

The anatomy of ldd program on OpenBSD

github - learn to cloud

LANIX - Wireguard, Crypto, DNSCurve, DNSSEC, TLS

Transparent SOCKS protocol Wrapper

github - What is Learn to Cloud?

uvloop is a fast, drop-in replacement of the built-in asyncio event loop

Flipper SUB Plotters / comparers!

A collection of Awesome resources for the Flipper Zero device.

Powering on a virtual machine from the command line

Powering off an unresponsive virtual machine on an ESXi host

Shelly Pro 4 PM - Was kann der neue Shelly?

tailscale - How NAT traversal works

Python - Building a Chatbot in 15min

Learn Python with Rune

Introducing the p0f BPF compiler

If you’re not using SSH certificates you’re doing SSH wrong

Don’t skip kubernetes architecture

6 ORMs you should check when using FastAPI

github - Awesome FastAPI

FastAPI Best Practices

Add Sub Menu in Hugo Website

How to Deploy a Secure API with FastAPI, Docker and Traefik

How to Deploy a Machine Learning Model with FastAPI, Docker and Github Actions

Deploying FastAPI Apps Over HTTPS with Traefik Proxy

Minecraft mit Docker Compose/Spigot auf Raspberry Pi/Server: So dockerisierst du eine Java-Anwendung

Traefik V2: Reverse Proxy für Docker mit Docker Compose und Let’s Encrypt (HTTPS/SSL) einrichtenv

Deploying FastAPI Apps Over HTTPS with Traefik Proxy

Debugging Python FastAPI apps in Docker containers with Visual Studio Code

A project template which uses FastAPI, SQLModel, Alembic, Pytest, Docker, GitHub Actions CI.

FastAPI Best Practices

Microservice in Python using FastAPI

Calico is a widely adopted, battle-tested open source networking and network security solution for Kubernetes, virtual machines, and bare-metal workloads

just enough docker to get by

I’m Jeff, an educator and a programmer who spends a lot of time thinking about how to enrich peoples’ lives through technology.

Docker, Traefik, Crowdsec

Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server and portal

Docker - Dozzle - Realtime Logs

Traefik 2.5 quick-start guide

Traefik - Config Files Explained

BASH - Manipulating Strings

Mutagen provides real-time file synchronization and flexible network forwarding for developers

OpenBSD - Ansible - yviel’s FSA - Full Server Automation


How do you elegantly build a CLI tool in Go

Using Go as a scripting language in Linux

Building Command Line Tools in Go

How to Utilize Python for Basic Linux System Administration and Networking Tasks

PyInstaller Manual

Deploying FastAPI Apps Over HTTPS with Traefik Proxy

Running a Docker Host under OpenBSD using vmd(8)

How To Install Python 3.10 On Debian 11

Awesome-docker - A curated list of Docker resources and projects

A simplified DNS server with a RESTful HTTP API to provide a simple way to automate ACME DNS challenges.

The subtleties between the NXDOMAIN, NOERROR and NODATA DNS response codes

Visual Latency in the Browser

The Ultimate FastAPI Tutorial Part 1 - Basic API Endpoints

Deploying FastAPI Apps Over HTTPS with Traefik Proxy


A kubectl plugin that utilize tcpdump and Wireshark to start a remote capture on any pod in your Kubernetes cluster.

netshoot: a Docker + Kubernetes network trouble-shooting swiss-army container

ClassQuiz is a quiz-application like KAHOOT!, but open-source

FastAPI Python framework - Returning HTML templates (with HTMX integration)

ObjGen - Live JSON Generator

Your Makefiles are wrong

My New Python Project Checklist

lyz-code - My personal knowledge repository

🚀 Absolutely Awesome React Components & Libraries

The Ultimate Guide to handling JWTs on frontend clients (GraphQL)

DevOps in Action! – How We Built the DevDash Demo

CCIE Devnet - Training

MariaDB - Securing Connections for Client and Server via TLS

Modern Python Environments - dependency and workspace management

Create React App Set up a modern web app by running one command.

Building Python-based, database-driven web applications (with maps!) using Flask, SQLite, SQLAlchemy and MapBox

pyscript - Run Python in Your HTML

testdriven - python Tips and Tricks

Wie du UML Klassendiagramme aus Python Code erzeugst

JSON sucks. But we’re making it better.

Managing Secrets with Vault and Consul

Simple HashiCorp and Traefik Environment

OIDC: OpenID Connect und seine Funktionsweise

Smartsheet - Willkommen in der Welt des modernen Arbeitsmanagements

Authenticate your services with Vault and JWTs

Authenticate to Kubernetes using Hashicorp Vault

kind is a tool for running local Kubernetes clusters using Docker container “nodes”.

Using OIDC With HashiCorp Vault and GitHub Actions

Arte - Arbeit ohne Sinn

Linus Neumann - Wie Hacker hacken (und möglichst nicht mich) (TINCON Berlin 2019)

OpenBSD, gcc and languages

5 Options for Deploying Microservices

Deploying FastAPI Apps Over HTTPS

Hacker Typer

Nginx Config Generator

Kubernetes vs Docker

GitLab Virtual Meetup - Intro to GitLab CI featuring Michael Friedrich

Everyone can contribute! Learn DevOps and Cloud Native in our cafe

Shortify is a fast, fully async and reliable URL shortener RESTful API built with Python and FastAPI framework

FIEF - Authenticate your users in minutes

structlog - Simple. Powerful. Fast. Pick three.

FastAPI Best Practices

Free Favicons

Apache - Superset



Monster Database Guide …

how to build a python library with poetry

Rest API for Countries

Generate Full-Stack Apps on top of modern UI Kits powered by Django, NodeJS, React, and Flask.

CSS Examples - getbootstrap

Bulma: the modern CSS framework that just works.

Authentication Test - Different Methodes

Poetry Advanced

Buypass Go SSL - free TLS/SSL certificate, based on ACME

Bash Initialisation Files

ntfy lets you send push notifications to your phone or desktop via scripts from any computer

NSA IPv6 Security Guidance (.pdf, Jan 2023)

Moving to zsh, part 8 – Scripting zsh

The Twelve Factors App

Integrate a Kubernetes Cluster with an External Vault

Launch a subprocess with environment variables using data from @hashicorp Consul and Vault.

Free. Cross-platform. Open source. A framework for building web apps and services with .NET and C#.

Mister PKI

SKILup IT Learning Subscription Plans


Caddy Simple Reverse Proxy

Phreaks and l33ts: Inside the early ‘90s tech scene that created L0pht, the legendary hackerspace

casbin - An authorization library that supports access control models like ACL, RBAC, ABAC for Golang, Java, C/C++, Node.js, Javascript, PHP, Laravel, Python, .NET (C#), Delphi, Rust, Ruby, Swift (Objective-C), Lua (OpenResty), Dart (Flutter) and Elixir

casdoor - A UI-first Identity Access Management (IAM) / Single-Sign-On (SSO) platform supporting OAuth 2.0, OIDC, SAML and CAS, integrated with Casbin RBAC and ABAC permission management

OpenBSD - Here are 20 reasons to have logic in the code.


(interpreted) timeline of

Hacker Typer :)

the swiss army knife when working with Vault KVv2 engines

github - Coding Interview University

Configure Self-Signed SSL For Nginx Docker From A Scratch

Layer 2 network security bypass using VLAN 0, LLC/SNAP headers and invalid length

End-of-life (EOL) and support information

Traefik v2.6+ | How to Install and Why You Should (plus Authelia, Traefik Pilot)

UNRAID - Unleash Your Hardware

Authelia is an open-source authentication and authorization server and portal fulfilling the identity and access management (IAM) role of information security in providing multi-factor authentication and single sign-on (SSO) for your applications via a web portal. It acts as a companion for common reverse proxies.

Digitaler Schw…vergleich! 🚀

Self-Hosted SSO with Authelia and NGINX

Compass SAML Raider

SAML Python Toolkit (compatible with Python3)

nostr - A decentralized social network with a chance of working

How to Create an SSO Button – A Flask Login Tutorial

What’s the Difference Between OAuth, OpenID Connect, and SAML?

Introduction to Linux interfaces for virtual networking

An introduction to Linux virtual interfaces: Tunnels

STREAM: Attempting To Recompile A Lost Version of UNIX from 1978!

Provides a hook for updating nsd zones with certbot DNS authentification (required for wildcard domains)

Re: relayd blocking by IP

OpenBSD - relayd load balancer with httpd

End-of-life (EOL) and support information is often hard to track, or very badly presented. documents EOL dates and support lifecycles for various products.

OpenSSH Principals

Dynamic host configuration, please

Converting incoming emails on the fly with OpenSMTPD filters

OpenSMTPD Mail Filtering


Distributed Computing using a Redis Queue

OpenBSD Packages – Erfahrungen als Maintainer von 500 Apps

SSH – Das Schweizer Taschenmesser fürs Netzwerk

Die Mikroarchitektur moderner Prozessoren: ein Crashkurs

Hacking Kubernetes Cluster and Secure it with Open Source

Hacking Kubernetes Cluster and Secure it with Open Source

Software Architektur im Stream

How to Parse Command Line Arguments in Bash - WebDAV Client für die Kommandozeile

Docker Swarm Rocks

cloud66 how to deploy an webapp with go

Einstieg in die Automatisierung mit Ansible

Containerized development, admin and professional environments.

Projekt 1 - Docker Swarm, Traefik, Nextcloud und einiges mehr

Installing Kubernetes with Kubespray

Kubernetes Cluster mit Kubeadm auf Debian 11 einrichten

Brownfield Network Automation with Ansible

ipspace - High Availability Service Clusters

Poor man’s ngrok - multi-tenant HTTP/TCP reverse tunnel solution

ZeroTier - Global Area Networking

Cisco - Welcome to the new Learning Labs

Cisco - Cisco Code Exchange

Cisco - Sandbox

Cisco - DevNet Automation Exchange

Install SmokePing Inside Docker Container in Linux

slaacd(8) by Florian Obser, bsdcan 2018

HowTo run pimd on OpenBSD

Visual packet size calculator

DAS GESCHÄFT MIT DEM KRIEG mit Gabriele Gysi, Daniele Ganser, Hans-Joachim Maaz und Uli Masuth

How to Build an Anycast Network

Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network Search formSearch

SQLAlchemy ORM Relationships: One-to-Many, Many-to-One, Many-to-Many

Automation Panda - blog for software development

DAY 1 Keynote - “Walking The Line” (Brandon Rhodes) - PyTexas 2023

DAY 2 Keynote - “Full-Stack Python” (Andy “Pandy” Knight) - PyTexas 2023

A collection of pure POSIX sh alternatives to external processes.

Jaeger: open source, end-to-end distributed tracing

Learn Nokia SR Linux

containerlab enables container-based networking labs

FreeBSD TCP Performance System Controls

A Line Break Is a Line Break

book - Thinking in Systems

CNCF Cloud Native Interactive Landscape

Automation tools: Paramiko, Netmiko, NAPALM, Ansible, Nornir or …?

Training Course for Ansible Automation Platform Topics

Lemmy Server 0.16.7 on OpenBSD 7.2: Install / rust / cargo / openssl

Interaktiver Online-Unterricht, Peer-2-Peer-Learning & Flipped Classrooms – schnaq ist die moderne Lösung für Bildungseinrichtungen

Python3.11 on Debian11

Using Nornir To Standardize VLANs Across 100 sites


Django-HTMX Chat Application

meetgoor - Techstructive Blog

Kubernetes Failure Stories

Die Programmiersprache Rust - NetDevOps

VS Code Remote Development

Linux xxd command

awesome-go sammlung

Kubernetes Installation Methods The Complete Guide

Kubernetes Installer kURL

kubernetes-homelab - lisenet

An over-engineered Home Lab with Docker and Kubernetes.

excalidraw - sketch app

Kroki - Creates diagrams from textual descriptions!

UAC is a Live Response collection script for Incident Response

Meet the NiceGUI. And let any browser be the frontend of your Python code.

k8s - ingress

sha256: cc77003300d2dc072d1b3132233c52d54d6ac948ef52f697ae237c8346669231