BasicAuthentication with Nginx

NOT YET WORKING … Install NGINX pkg_add -v nginx rcctl enable nginx rcctl restart nginx Enable BasicAuth server { ... auth_basic "Administrator’s Area"; auth_basic_user_file conf/htpasswd; location /public/ { auth_basic off; } } Create File and User htpasswd -c /etc/apache2/.htpasswd user1 Restart Service rcctl restart nginx Source sha256: b0311dad9186b4e2f8cd9730688c8e75c09a3ff687259cccc132810a706cb2f6

BasicAuthentication with httpd

Enable Auth server "default" { listen on * port 80 authenticate "secure area" with "/htpasswd.conf" } create htpasswd file htpasswd /var/www/htpasswd.conf user-x Password: Retype Password: chown www /var/www/htpasswd.conf chmod 600 /var/www/htpasswd.conf Restart Service rcctl restart httpd sha256: b934f5b05de5100f7a6f13e4e93003740ca9704b37a4302abe51f0b8d9a1f7b3