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How to Build a Package on OpenBSD

Thx for the Initial Support …!

Setup Build Machine on Current

  • Install OpenBSD
  • Upgrade to Current
  • get SYS & Ports

Switch to Port to Update

cd /usr/ports/net/scapy
  • Change to 2.5.0

  • make makesum

  • make update-plist

  • make

  • make test

  • make install

  • make package

Add your own PKG Repo

export PKG_PATH=""

# Check Repo
root@host# pkg_info -Q scapy                                                                                                 

# add Repo
root@host# pkg_add -V scapy unsigned package
Couldn't install scapy-2.5.0p0

# allow unsigned, as this is build on my own
root@host# pkg_add -D unsigned scapy
scapy-2.5.0p0: ok


  • Check Upgrade Path

  • install SQLports and check Packages depends on

SELECT COUNT(*) FROM "main"."Depends" WHERE "FullDepends" LIKE '%scapy%' ESCAPE '\'

-> net/pcapdiff

  • send diff to Maintainers

  • enjoy !

Any Comments ?

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