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Bridge Interfaces on APU

Let’s assume you have an APU2/3/4 and you wanna Bridge some of it’s Interfaces, em0/em1/em2

Create Bridge, add Interfaces

cat << 'EOF' > /etc/hostname.bridge0
add vether0
add em0
add em1
add em2

Create Interfaces

echo "up" >> /etc/hostname.em0
echo "up" >> /etc/hostname.em1
echo "up" >> /etc/hostname.em2

Create L3 Interface

cat << 'EOF' > /etc/hostname.vether0
inet  autoconf
inet6 autoconf -temporary -soii

Bring Up all together

sh /etc/netstart

or do a simpy reload

Now, connect em0 upstream, em1 and em2 to some other Hosts. And all of them, including vether0, will get an IP Address from Upstream if a DHCP Server is available …

Any Comments ?

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