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GoHugo from Scratch

Take a fresh VM with OpenBSD ;) otherwise, you have to adapt appropriate …

install pkg

Login as User which is part of the “wheel group”. Doas should allow all Users of the Wheel Group to get root.

doas pkg_add hugo-- nginx--

adduser webmaster

create a user “webmaster” and prepare virtual directories

doas adduser webmaster
doas mkdir /var/www/virtual
doas chown webmaster /var/www/virtual/

Update Nginx

we need to modify nginx, prepare a site folder and a basic config for the webserver. do some stuff as root

doas su -
mkdir -p /etc/nginx/sites/ /var/log/nginx-nossl/

sed -i '$d' /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
echo "    include /etc/nginx/sites/*.conf;" >> /etc/nginx/nginx.conf
echo "}" >> /etc/nginx/nginx.conf

cat << 'EOF' > /etc/nginx/sites/hugo1.conf
server {

    listen        80 default_server;
    listen        [::]:80 default_server;
    server_name   hugo1.intranet hugo1;

    access_log    /var/log/nginx-nossl/hugo1.log;
    error_log     /var/log/nginx-nossl/hugo1.error.log;

    root          /var/www/virtual/hugo1/public/;

    index         index.html index.htm;


enable and start the nginx service

rcctl enable nginx
nginx -t && rcctl restart nginx


switch to webaster, go to the virtual directory and create a new hugo page

doas su - webmaster
cd /var/www/virtual
hugo new site hugo1
cd hugo1


grab some themes … there are Lot of Themes available for you. grab one or build your own.

git clone themes/ananke
echo theme = \"ananke\" >> config.toml

First Page

create a first page and publish it

hugo new posts/
sed -i 's/draft: true/draft: false/' content/posts/

Open your Browser http://ip-of-your-webserver/

p.s. don’t worry about he IP Adress. The VM is already killed and it was just build for creating this blog Post …

Todo …

there is much more todo. Grab a Domain, grab a SSL Cert, implement Logrotation, implement a Backup, add some content, …

Any Comments ?

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