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OpenBSD on ARM64 at Hetzner DC

Price/Performance is unbeatable at Hetzner for arm64 virtual machines. A Server (CAX21) with 4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB Disk, 20 TB Traffic/month cost around 7 Euros/Month.

Let’s build a Template for OpenBSD. Here is how todo it:

  • Get Server with CAX21 (4 CPU, 8 GB RAM, 80 GB Disk), with Debian or Ubuntu
  • Menu “ISO-Images”, mount Image “OpenBSD 7.4-current 2023-11-03 (arm64)”
  • Reboot the VM
  • Install OpenBSD as usual
  • Disk: sd0
  • Use (W)hole disk
  • (E)dit auto layout
  • Delete all Partitions execpt Partition “i” (MSDOS)
  • Build Disk Layout as you like. My Layout for 80GB at Hetzner
  • Location of sets? http
  • HTTP Server: cdn.openbsd.org
  • Server directory? pub/OpenBSD/7.4/arm64
  • finish setup
  • halt vm, remove iso images
  • boot vm and login through console or ssh

Any Comments ?

sha256: 2ea0f6b96f44980331d15e964c778907c458816776b7ab2315d7c40bb24845b2