Checkmk 2.0 Beta

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Install Notes

checkmk 2.0 (beta)

install debian 10.6
upgrade to 10.7
apt-get install dpkg-sig

scp check-mk-raw-2.0.0b1_0.buster_amd64.deb ip-of-host:/tmp/
gpg --keyserver --recv-keys 434DAC48C4503261
gpg --armor --export 434DAC48C4503261 > Check_MK-pubkey.gpg
gpg --import Check_MK-pubkey.gpg

dpkg-sig --verify check-mk-raw-2.0.0b1_0.buster_amd64.deb

apt-get install gdebi-core
gdebi check-mk-raw-2.0.0b1_0.buster_amd64.deb

omd version
OMD - Open Monitoring Distribution Version 2.0.0b1.cre

omd create mysite
omd start mysite

  The admin user for the web applications is cmkadmin with password: xXxXxXx
  For command line administration of the site, log in with 'omd su mysite'.
  After logging in, you can change the password for cmkadmin with 'htpasswd etc/htpasswd cmkadmin'.

Any Comments ?

sha256: 62f460939ccba74886d5b4c89ca6b9ab4afbd9e44c634b961c7b4d8dd572840b